HAUNT: Michelle Kellond Amos & Todd C. Smith

Opening Reception: Friday, April 1, 2011
First Friday Gallery Hop: April 1 + May 6
Show Runs April 1 – May 14, 2011

Michelle Amos is a fiber and performance artist whose work focuses on the natural world and personal relationships. Her latest work involves a conceptual collaboration with tree-climber artist Todd Smith, when they brainstormed about what would happen to the Ohio Valley in an apocalyptic event. They combined their efforts in a show, Haunt that opens on April 1, 2011 at Zephyr Gallery, as part of the First Friday Trolley Hop. Amos will have an environmental installation of the post-apocalyptic flooding of the Ohio River and Smith will be showing photography, part performance documentation, trying to imagine a world where human existence is dependent upon climbing trees. Amos is depicting the natural world post disaster, Smith is creating scenarios of a fantastical human-like creature in a pupa stage of development shining with life from the limbs of trees. Amos has used fiber techniques to construct her environment; and to create his images, Smith would climb into a tree, secure his cocoon out on a branch and then crawl inside for the shoot. In collaboration with Natalie Biesel, the photos were composed from locations around Louisville and mostly Cherokee Park. Artist talk and reception are scheduled for Thursday, April 14, from 6-9pm and closing First Friday, May 6.